Was there ever a question that he's a star?

It's official!  Uncle T has his own star on the Owensville walk of fame.   Well, let's just say that his dreams of stardom are real, even if the star isn't!   His famous homemade wing sauces deserve their own star too.  :)

New Hours

Hi everyone, good 'ol Uncle T here....I want to thank everyone in Owensville (and beyond) for their continued business!  And for all of you future customers out there, I want to announce a change in the restaurant's hours.   Check 'em out below.   Just imagine....on Sunday night, you can start dreaming about what you'll eat at Uncle T's on Tuesday morning!

New Hours:
Tuesday thru Saturday: 9am - 9pm
Sunday: 8am - 3pm
Closed Mondays

Start a new tradition

Why not have a family dinner this holiday season at Uncle T's? It could be the start of a fun new tradition.  The menu is sure to please everyone!